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Main St. Photo-Video
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Custom Printing
Every digital print job is special and requires the touch of a human eye...
Our Noritsu Dry lab printer produces beautiful photographic prints on Glossy, Semi-Gloss and Matte papers ranging from as small as a wallet print up to 10" wide to 69" long. We can also do wide format and Fine Art Printing using professional Epson printing technology. Our wide format printer can turn your images into beautiful wall art up to 44" wide! We print on premium photo stocks from a verity of brands including Epson, Breathing Color, Kodak, and more. Finishes include Luster, Glossy and Semi-Matte as well as a variety of matte poster stocks. We also offer a range of fine art stocks including cotton rag, metallic, canvas, fiber gloss, and more! Bring your project to us and we will be happy to help you figure out what stock is the best fit for your project.
Video Transfer Service
Convert your old family movies from VHS, 8mm, etc.. to DVD!
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Technology changes fast these days and if you can't keep up with it your memories can get lost in the past! We can take your family videos that were filmed on VHS, 8mm, Hi-8, digital-8, Mini-DV or Beta and digitize them so that they can be archived onto a DVD or USB drive. Once your tapes on our DVD making copies is easy and can be a great way to share family memories with generations to come.

Restoration & Archiving
All restoration and Archiving service are done in house, no sending your images out of state...
As we move into the digital age it is important to archive your treasured old prints, slides and negatives into a digital format before they fall victim to time. We can scan your pictures into a high quality jpeg or tiff files that can be easily stored, copied or re printed in the future. This can be a great way to make sure that important photos are passed down for the generations to come.
Classic Film Processing
All film developed in house by hand...
Despite the world going digital here at Main St. Photo-Video we still care about film! Most film processing machines are designed to run high volumes of film each day and with low volume. With low film volume the chemicals go bad quickly and nasty things can happen to your film. In order to continue quality film developing in these digital days we have turned back the clock and retired the film processing machine and switched back to go old dark room tank and reel film developing!

We develop both C-41(color) and traditional Black and White film. We can handle 35mm, 120mm, 220mm, 4x5mm, 126mm and 110mm.

Welcome to Main Street Photo & Video

We are a family-owned custom photo lab & portrait studio located in Norman, OK on the corner of Main Street and 24th Ave behind Subway and AT&T. (see map)

Since opening in 2009 our mission has been to provide the Norman area with a source for high quality images and video as well as personal one-on-one customer service.

Our lobby offers two digital kiosk computers for customers to sit at and comfortably make their custom print orders. In addition to our printing and photography services, we also offer a wide range of frames, albums, black and white printing supplies, film, photo accessories, and used cameras.
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