Image Archiving

As we move into the digital age it is important to archive your treasured old prints, slides and negatives into a digital format before they fall victim to time. We can scan your pictures into a high quality jpeg file that can be easily stored, copied or re printed in the future. This can be a great way to make sure that important photos are passed down through the generations to come.

Copy Art Digital Imaging Service
The first step in quality art reproduction is a good digital copy. We photograph your work in our studio and then color match the file to make it as close to your original work as possible.1-piece: $30.00

Additional Pieces $20.00
Premium Print Scanning
  • Convert prints up to 8.5 x 11 to high resolution files
  • Includes basic color and density correction
  • Average file size ranges from 18mp to 30mp

1-9 images10-2425-4950-7475-99100+
2.50 per image2.252.001.751.501.25
Express Print Scanning
  • Convert prints up to 8 x 12 to standard resolution files
  • Does NOT include basic color and density correction
  • All prints scanned at 600dpi
  • $25.00 minimum order
34-99 images100-249250-499500-749750-9991000-25002500+
0.75 per image0.700.550.500.450.350.25
Slide & Negative Scanning
  • Convert 35mm slides or negatives to high resolution digital JPG files
  • Includes basic color and density correction
1-9 images10-2425-4950-7475-99100-149150-249250-499500-9991000+
3.00 per image2.852.702.502.252.001.751.351.100.90
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